I feel giddy when I wear a soft sweater. It tingles my skin and makes me feel like I’m floating. It’s an immensely satisfying sensation.


Imagine the process of putting on something soft or silky, especially pyjamas. I experience a rush of endorphins at the sensation of the textile lightly grazing my skin. I put the garment on carefully to savour each tingle. Brrrr….After donning the garment I feel light as air, and will just ‘float’ or giddily walk around for the rest of the day.


This movement is Indirect, Sustained, Light, Free.

Putting on something soft, like pajamas or a scarf

  • Fluffy pajamas tickling your skin
  • Light as air, sliding over your arms
  • Your shoulders, your breasts, your belly
  • You feel like you are floating on a cloud
  • The pyjamas are warm and snug.
  • The invisible cloud is your support and comfort.
  • Sometimes the things we cannot see impact our lives tremendously.
  • The wind that blows affects us
  • microbes affect us
  • the hidden processes in fashion affect us
  • We can’t control it all but at least we can make a change in the fashion system.
  • Fashion can be inspiring
  • fashion can be uplifting
  • fashion can be equal
  • With our help fashion can be better