Wearing a long flowing dress


It’s fun to dance around when you are wearing a long flowing dress. The fabric swishes and rustles as you twirl around. Satisfying sounds and enjoyable movements.


Pretend you are grappling the edges of a dress. Lift your hands up into the air and start twirling around. Your hands can be loose and free, swinging untethered but guided by the centripetal force of the spin. Moving and swaying from side to side might also be fun, as well as sweeping your arms into the air. Imagine the folds of the dress delicately gliding through the air influenced by the movements you make with your body.


This movement is Indirect, Sustained, Light, Free.

Pose in the mirror with a long flowy dress

  • A long flowy dress
  • Drapes down to the ground
  • Billowing and swirling
  • No garment is present
  • But I can sense it move around
  • An embodied performance
  • Vivid memories and carnal intensities
  • Enigmatic stimulation abound
  • I manifest the invisible

The sounds of fabric