It’s a dumb thing to do, but I still often try to put my pants on after having put on my shoes. it’s equally dumb to try and get a jacket sleeve over my arm when I’m wearing a massive bracelet. Something normal get’s stuck. When this happens I’ll try to push my limbs through the impossible small holes.


Think about the times when you try to press your arms or legs through the sleeves of shirts or legs of pants, but it just won’t fit. You are determined though to get the arm or leg through, so you continue pressing your way down the shaft.


This movement is Direct, Sustained, Heavy, Bound.

Hand get stuck in a sleeve because of a watch or big bracelet

  • Putting on your trousers after shoes.
  • Putting on my pants after shoes
  • My foot stuck cause of this illogical pursuit
  • I’m lazy, but is that an excuse
  • To pursue this confounded route?
  • Shoes after pants, that’s the afforded sequence
  • But can we interact in a different way?
  • The intended dimensions of a garment’s use
  • Let’s expand the utilitarian array