You know how annoying it is to get your jacket off when you are wearing a big bracelet or watch! You will pull the sleeve halfway off and then it will get stuck. Do you reverse and try to untwist the bunching fabric of the sleeve? Or do you resort to drastic measures?


Pretend you are taking off your jacket, it gets stuck on one arm so just kind of thrust your arm downwards to get it off, hoping gravity will resolve the matter so you don’t have to backtrack: retract your arm, slide the sleeve over your shoulder and remove the offending bracelet or watch before starting the process again. Never! you won’t be defeated. Slashing your arm downward should do the trick!


This movement is Indirect, Quick, Heavy, Free.

Take off your jacket, it’s still stuck to one arm so just kind of thrust your arm downwards to get it off

  • Trapped in a jacket, my poor hand
  • The sleeves are narrower than my wristband
  • I thrust and I slash
  • my arm through the air
  • This wardrobe malfunction I don’t understand
  • Dang the bad design, I’m angry at this garment
  • Shoddily tailored which sparked this lament
  • My anger over the fashion system
  • The exploitation and greed
  • And the self-indulgence to stay current
  • Imperceptible whisps of negative energy
  • We don’ see how it’s manufactured unethically
  • Suffering woven into every strand
  • Now worn close to the skin
  • I question clothing’s imbued and material memory