Zippers are weird but cool. Unless they strip, then they suck. Also, closing a zipper really quickly can be dangerous. Be careful not to pinch your skin! In general, zippers are very useful and much quicker to use than buttons. No wonder they are so ubiquitous on garments.


You have to zip up your jacket, but really quickly because you are in a rush. You can also imagine wearing a suit covered in zippers and you have to open/close them quickly. Perhaps you are wearing a warm jacket for outdoor sports. Those garments have zippers everywhere to regulate your temperature or remove some parts.


This movement is Direct, Quick, Heavy, Bound.

Quickly pull up a zipper. There might be multiple zippers on this garment

  • Pull the zipper quickly
  • Pull of the pieces
  • Fuck the lack of transparency
  • I want answers
  • Let’s stand in solidarity
  • Let’s be the change
  • Expose corruption and secrecy
  • Strip away the layers
  • I’m wearing people’s stories
  • I’m wearing their trauma
  • Don’t be complicit in hypocrisy
  • Down with/flatten the hierarchy