Day 3:
Day 3:

Day 3:

Embracing the exposure. It is my third day in lycra. My lecturer says I look like a penis. I kind of do. 

Last night I had to wash my suit for the first time. I rinsed it in my sink in my room and rang out most of the water. Its hanging to dry now. So far so good!

This graphic is something I threw together on the train one day. Used up all my good footage at once!

Crowdsourcing content?

Oliver made me a poster. He is a witty one. Is it endearing that friends are chiming in or should I be offended that everyone has an opinion about my project? Do they have an opinion because humanity’s disposition is as collective and social beings or are people taking liberties because of my brazen personality? I keep no secrets so therefore others can propagate and augment my actions for their own pleasure? The age old battle between feminist and patriarchs come to mind – “It’s your own fault for dressing like that.

All for one and one for all

The paradox of human nature is that we all possess an individual identity, and our minds seek to preserve it, but the best way to preserve it is to trust the social mind, even though there is much not to trust in that mind.

The healthcare system is imperfect, despite all of the absolutely amazing healing power it has accrued.  There is much to be sceptical about.  The same is true of our political system.  Imagine where any of us would be without either of them?

The solution to the paradox is not to avoid it by distrusting, the solution is to have faith in the process mensuration.  

Faith heals better than pride.

Who are the real extremists?

I try to hide my cough from my stepsister. I know she’ll likely think that I contracted the dreaded virus. I also have a plane to catch tomorrow. My friend was retching the night before. Struck down with the sweats and muscle pain. We thought it was sunstroke and dehydration – an afternoon on the beach with beers.

For 12 hours I played it cool but was delighted when I could crash into my bed at home and sleep. Two days later I’m still coughing. I have a ton of errands to run. I have stuff to pack. I need to get busy! But my family urges I get a test first. I think they are overreacting, this feels like all the other colds I’ve had.

I am 100% positive I’m not positive.

But my intuition is wrong. I test positive for Corona, likely Omicron. Such an inconvenience. I have to postpone life for 10 days.

This invisible virus wreaking havoc on our lives. It’s a force that cannot be seen and is still not understood. Yet, it creeps into every conversation, hanging in the air like a thick humid fog. It has dominated our politics and media. It has been incredibly divisive. I’ve lost 2 lovers in 2 years because I didn’t agree with the radical points of view they were trying to force down my throat. I think it mostly ended because I called them ‘radical’.  

O yeah, once on a Tinder date I stood up for the anti-vaxer’s when my date delighted in their eminent demise – no jab no right to life. Promote genocide much? I was never invited out again. Thank fuck. 

A religious friend once told me ‘God is like the wind. We can’t see him, but we know he is there’.

Is corona a god? Is corona sent by God?

What about other invisible forces that we are yet to acknowledge?