Day 27:
Day 27:

Day 27:

Body garment. What is my favourite piece of clothing? My skin. My body has played the most important role in my life.

The only thing that truly has and always will be there is my body. It has carried me through many of life’s adventures. So in a way, my body is my storage. It’s a place where I collect memories and experiences. And all the experiences I have had up to now, has shaped my into who I am today. My body is more valuable than any object I will ever own.

Lianca van der Merwe


We share 50% of our DNA with Bananas.


Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviours and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work.

Human skin might not be our wrapping it might be our brain, like an octopus. Maybe it is our interface of life, our skins containing receptors that interpret information and then send signals. Epigenetics postulates that we are more than products of our environment but rather that we are controlled by our environment. We are continuously adjusting our biology. Evolving with each interaction between the the environment and the organism.

It’s not random mutations, but rather conscious ones mutations. 

Organism fit the environment, not by conditioning but by being an integral element (It’s survival of the fittest it’s evolution).

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