Day 36:
Day 36:

Day 36:

Making Christmas presents for my family. I wanted to make key chains, but it will probably just be fridge magnets.

Talking with Eric Reiman

  • Deacrates, division of body and mind. The universe is mechanical.
  • Humans are subject with agency and nature becomes an object without agency= resources.
  • Becoming masters of the universe we put ourselves in nature.
  • Fashion design- you don’t only understand through the brain. You also understand through the body.
  • Understand through acting ( making). Practical vs conceptual
  • Unintentional design
  • All actors in the network have agency. Even inanimate objects
  • Subtle processes of collaboration. Networks
  • Create transformational events
  • Reverse engineer
  • Give agency to nature
  • 3 pillow books.
  • Sounds of animals. How do they communicate 
  • My research
  • Playfield
  • Actor
  • Game
  • Rethink who are actors/role in playfield. What are the interactions, relations. What kind of staging, intervention can I do as a type of design research to inform my project.