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New Modalities

New Modalities

New modalities

For this last research report, I didn’t do a lot of new research, I was just refining what I had done previously. So I re-recorded a lot of my footage at the ArtEZ photo studio and sound booth. The sound studio especially was a tremendously satisfying experience because I was locked inside a soundproof recording booth. I’m already a little bit insecure about the fact that I am quite loud. The first thing people notice about me is how loud I talk. People would often comment and say: O I knew you were around because I could hear you talk. But hey that’s me, I have a loud voice. But I do actually check myself in public. And sometimes, believe it or not, I do actually try to be more reserved , and don’t fully express what is on the inside of me trying to get out. Sometimes I want to shout even louder or say even more or laugh at an even higher register. But I know this is bothersome to people and I also find it annoying when people make a lot of noise.

At the recording booth this was not the case. I had the opportunity to shout at the top of my lungs. No matter how loud I was, no one could see me or hear me or do anything. So this was a tremendously cathartic experience. I could get all my energy and excitement out of my system. It felt great being able to say and eventually since all my chants out loud. A lot of my previous spoken-word performances turned into songs. I like singing and this is something that could be explored further. And then, of course, audio or spoken word has this tremendous potential. It’s also a way to generate or and activate affect. It’s also something that can stimulate a person a cause a physiological reaction. Music, sound and voice gets people excited, especially if you interact with them excitedly, that excitement is transmittable. The exited gestures and sounds diffuse through a room. The opposite to loud exited noises in ASMR(autonomous sensory meridian response)), when people talk really really softly.  I personally am not good at being quiet and talking in hushed tones but it can be very stimulating.

I’ve been focussing on embodied responses and performative ways to stimulate effect. But I forgot that I could also use the spoken word and my voice. This will be a new avenue for research.  


I partnered with Anya and we startyed doing workshops together. We’ve done 2 so far. Our partnership is still in it’s nacence – so there are some edges smooth out bot overall we work quite well together. and we haven’t run into any major issues. Match made in heaven, I think. I’m excited about working together in the future.


I’ve also been applying for a lot of artistic programmes like AiR – Artist in Residence  programmes. So I’ve spent a lot of time working on my applications. I’ve noticed that I’m getting better at selling myself and my artistic practice.


Lastly I attended a fascinating workshop on accessibility with State of Fashion because I’m a volunteer for the festival. I’m exited about what else lies in store.