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Research Report 1

Research Report 1


Introduction: Giving voice to the intangible forces in fashion

Conclusion: The fashion metaverse


Reading reports

  1. If you are in, you will understand: A new ‘dress code’ on Tiktok is reframing lesbian teens’ safe space
  2. Cosmopolitics: Learning to think with Sciences, Peoples and Nature
  3. A review of clothing microbiology: the history of clothing and the role of microbes in textiles
  4. Processes of Mediation
  5. Museums in late democracies
  6. Linguistic reality hypothesis

Field notes

  1. #WNBR Amsterdam
  2. Body, space, translation workshop
  3. Do I fit the pocket?
  4. Gossiping clothes
  5. Lycra Lala
  6. On:Live participation
  7. Paper fragments workshop
  8. Savior and sadist: Cycling panties