Ballgowns with big ribbons or a cummerbund for timeless elegance? Perhaps you just want to fasten your robe. Look more modest when going to and from the shower. Sometimes sashes, ribbons and soft belts are essential to complete the look.


Pretend to tie a big sash around your waist. It’s easier to tie it in the front since you have no help. Don’t forget the intricate hand movements when making the know. It’s a complicated process, your fists might be clenched and your tongue sticking out of your mouth. be careful of tying it too tightly. You’ll struggle to breathe or contort in agony.


This movement is Indirect, Sustained, Heavy, Bound.

Tie a big sash around your body. Maybe more than one sash needs to be tied

  • A big soft belt wrapped around my waist
  • Tied in a knot to keep it in place
  • Fashion is liberating but also so convoluted
  • Ideology, values, expectations, all polluted
  • Things I love and things I hate
  • Tied up in the endless sartorial debate