We’ve all been so tired that we had to stumble home exhausted. Of course, the movement and actions are similar to when you stumble home drunk. You don’t have full control of your muscles anymore and as you take one clumsy step after the next you kind of flick your feet up into the air. Then you get home and you have to remove your shoes, but you just can’t! so you kind of kick your legs out in from of you in the hopes that the shoes will just fly off by themselves.


Imagine having something stuck to your feet and you cannot use your hands to take it off. You can only use your feet. Kick your leg up behind you, or kick it out in front of you (like doing the can-can). Flick, flick, flick your ankle until you discard the thing stuck to your foot.


This movement is Indirect, Quick, Light, Free.

Kick off your shoes after a night on the town. Maybe you have had one too many.

  • Flick, Flick Flick
  • My shoe’s stuck to my foot
  • Snikt, snikt, snikt
  • I’m not undoing the laces
  • Peew, Peew, Peew
  • It flies through the air
  • Ktang, Ktang, Ktang
  • The shoe crashes onto the floor
  • Gurrr, gurrr, gurrr
  • Human versus thing
  • Swish, Swish, Swish
  • Materials affect us as much as we affect them
  • Thwip, Thwip, hTwip
  • Distributed intra-relationship